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Resealable Mylar Stand Up Bags - Black Food Packaging Zip Pouch - All Sizes

Resealable Mylar Stand Up Bags - Black Food Packaging Zip Pouch - All Sizes

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Perfect for retail food storage and non-perishable items, these stand up packaging bags are matte black, with a clear window and feature 3 layers of protective material for longer food shelf life.

The bags protect the contents from UV damage, debris, and more. For extended storage, you can heat seal the bag. The tear notches enable access even after heat sealing.

The mylar material provides a lightweight, durable and flexible packing solution!


  • Tear Notch - Enables end user to open without the use of scissors
  • Mylar Foil Lining - Protecting food products inside the bags, increasing shelf life
  • Zip seal closure - Perfect for end user to repeatedly open and close, with strong zip sealing
  • Heat Sealable - Compatible with all heat sealers to create an airtight tamper evident environment
  • Bottom Gusset - to ensure a sturdy stand up bag


  • Material Structure: matte BOPP+metallic PET+LDPE
  • Bag Type: Mylar Stand Up Pouch
  • Window (Cm): 4 (H)
  • Colour: Matte Black, Transparent Window
  • Thickness: 100 micron
  • Material: Food Grade Material
  • Plastic Type: LDPE
  • Usage: Food Packaging
  • Style: Zip Seal
  • Certificate: ISO9001


  • Size A (Cm): 20 (H) x 12 (W) + 6 (Gusset)
    • Weight Per Bag: 6g
  • Size B (Cm): 28.5 (H) x 19 (W) + 8 (Gusset)
    • Weight Per Bag: 20g
  • Size C (Cm): 29.5 (H) x 22 (W) + 8 (Gusset)
    • Weight Per Bag: 25g

Please Note: Contents are not included.

Package Includes:

Stand Up Packaging Pouches.

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